General Terms and Conditions

Definitions used in these General terms and conditions:

  • Moving Intimacy: the contractor, represented by Maxime Caton and Joey Caton. 

  • Workshops: with workshops we mean all the workshops, trainings and other gatherings that Moving Intimacy provides for participants. 

  • Participants: all persons participating in a workshop of Moving Intimacy.

  • “We” and “us” are used to refer to Moving Intimacy.

  • “He” and “she” are both used to refer to the participant, no matter the gender. 


General Rules

Participation in a workshop is only allowed if the rules of the workshops are respected. The following rules apply to all of our workshops: 

  • The participant guards her own boundaries. A participant is never obliged to do something she does not want, and is responsible for her own experience.

  • The participant respects the boundaries of others.

  • The participant respects the privacy policy (see paragraph privacy policy)

  • The use of alcohol, soft- and hard drugs (as stated in the Opium Wet) prior to or during the workshops is not permitted.

Other rules indicated before or during a workshop (orally told by the trainers or mentioned on the website, Facebook or other social media managed by Moving Intimacy) must be respected during the workshop concerned.

If the above rules are not respected, we are at all times in our right to deny a participant to participate, without any compensation of costs.


Cancellation conditions

Our cancellation conditions apply when registering for the workshops of Moving Intimacy.


  • Reselling a ticket for the workshop to another person is always possible. If a ticket is bound to a gender, age category or student status, it may only be resold to a person who has a corresponding gender, age category or student status.

  • The participant can cancel a ticket up to 14 days before the start of the workshop. The costs incurred, minus the administration costs, will be refunded within 21 days after cancellation.

  • The following administration costs apply when canceling a ticket:

    • € 5 for a half-day workshop

    • € 15 for a day workshop

    • € 25 for a weekend workshop

  • Cancellation within 14 days before the start of the workshop is not possible.

  • Leaving early, not coming to or being expelled from a workshop does not lead to a refund.


Cancellation is possible by sending an email, calling, or leaving a voicemail. See the contact details of Moving Intimacy for this.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our participants and handle it as carefully as possible. To ensure privacy, the following rules apply:

  • Recording equipment is not permitted in our workshops, unless explicit permission has been requested from us and permission has been given by us. This also concerns the use of mobile telephones. Of course, mobile phones can be used outside the workshop space (e.g. the corridor).

  • In some cases, we make video or audio recordings ourselves for training purposes. We always do this on our own recording device. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact one of the trainers. If we want to use video or audio recordings for promotional purposes, we will explicitly request permission from the relevant participants.

  • Confirming participation in the workshops on social media is not mandatory.

  • The presence of participants is not made public unless explicit permission has been given by the relevant participant. The presence of the Moving Intimacy trainers is an exception to this and may be made public, given the fact that we ourselves are already going public.


Responsibility of the Participant

  • The participant is responsible for his own (mental) well-being.

  • The participant is responsible for his own physical condition and physical limitations.

  • During a workshop, the participant is responsible for any injury or damage that he does to himself, others or the property of others.

  • The participant is responsible for monitoring his property. We are not liable for loss or theft during the workshops.