Private Sessions

Loving yourself is an active practice 2.

A private session is for everybody who wants to explore themselves in the field of intimacy and touch. Alone or with a partner. 

This in a safe environment, where you don't need to do anything you don't want and where everything is done at your pace and with loving attention.


The power of touch, intimacy and attention is often underestimated, while proven to be necessary for our physical and mental health.

In the private sessions we can: 

  • make ourselves more sensitive to our body and body language

  • get more comfortable with touch

  • explore different dynamics in receiving and giving

  • consciously play 

By making decisions with the head, we often think about what we should want.

By listening to our body we can feel what we really want.

Furthermore, we work with platonic touch. Sexuality is certainly not a taboo, on the contrary. We are happy to explore and discuss it with you. However, clothes stay on. Not because sexuality is wrong, but to experience how special and insightful touch can be when sex is not the end goal or focus.


Private session solo

€85,- per hour,

with a minimum duration of 1.5 hours.


A first session lasts 2 hours, where the extra 30 minutes

are a gift from us. 

Private session couple

€120,- per hour,

with a minimum duration of 2 hours.

Private session with both of us, solo or couple

€170,- per hour

(€85,- per hour per person)

with a minimum duration of 1.5 (solo) / 2 (couple) hours.

Money shouldn't stand in the way

We believe our private sessions should be available for everybody.

If you feel that our rate is beyond your financial capacity, reach out to us and we can discuss the possibilities.