About our Events

Our events are all about intimacy, one way or the other. We encourage you to show yourself as you are in the moment. To discover and be more conscious about your interaction patterns. To become aware, communicate and experiment with your boundaries as well as your desires. And to play as if we were all kids again (and who is to say we are not? :D)

You are being invited to experience and explore yourself in contact with others. Being intimate means showing yourself; to yourself and to others. How intimate do you dare to be? 

--> If you still have questions or insecurities after reading the info below or the info in the event description, let us know; we are happy to help you!

info on Ritual Play Workshops

Ritual Play! It's about having fun, being real, and interacting without judgement. It invites an interactive play dynamic, where you will be encouraged to follow your first and honest impulses in play, to allow yourself to react from the body instead of the mind.  


Ritual Play can be a very powerful tool to get embodied, to enjoy the present moment fully, and to analyse yourself, your patterns, repressed sides and unspoken wishes. It can be very confrontational, and very healing.


If you want to play as if you're a child again, if you want to let go of thoughts like "how should I behave", "what will the other think of me", "I can better not do this"... this will be an interesting workshop for you!


Info on cuddle workshops

A cuddle workshop is NOT 'now you should cuddle' or 'this is how a good cuddle looks like', as the name might suggest... 


A cuddle workshop is about listening to yourself, your body, and giving yourself the space and time to act on what feels good for you. Gotta love selfcare! A cuddle workshop is a structured workshop on respectful loving presence and touch, through exercises that focus on getting in contact with yourself and with others. 


We always start with a moment of guided grounding so we can let go of the activities and possible stress of daily life. Then we start with exercises to get in contact with ourselves and others. We start WITHOUT touching, and slowly build up the intensity, so that everybody can join however they want to in their own time. 

The exercises are playful, sometimes intense, but always from a loving place. You never have to participate in an exercise you don’t feel like doing. The exercises are diverse and can differ every occasion.


The workshop centers on loving attention and touch. We stay away from sexuality. Not because sexuality is wrong, but to experience how special presence and touch can be when there is no end goal or focus. 


Do you dare to express your wishes in contact with others? Are you open to receive? Do you want to explore and communicate your boundaries in a loving space? And do you want to benefit from the health powers of touch? This workshop should be interesting for you!

Info on Play parties

A play party is a moment where there is a free flow, mostly after a workshop, where you can decide yourself how to spend the time. 

Our play parties are consent based, so you will never have to do anything you don't want to do, and do only what you really want to. Sitting down and watching with a cup of tea is just as much participation as doing anything else. Nothing is expected from you (and you shouldn't expect anything from anybody!). 

Each event provides a description of what to expect in terms of possible sexual explicitness and nakedness.   


A play party is a space where you are free to play and do what you want (and all those involved consent to it). You might:

  • Put into practice what you have learned during the workshop

  • Sit at the side, drink tea, do some introspection or enjoy watching others

  • Play with others


What to bring with you:

  • Your own survival food. We would like you not to die <3

  • The most useful thing a sex-positive human being can have: a towel ;)

  • Outfit(s) you'd like to dress up in

  • All the sexy gear and toys you want 

  • Nesting (things that make you feel comfortable, like a blanket, warm socks...)


Important for those who come with partners

If you come with a partner, come in sync. Discuss beforehand how you feel about playing with other people, and whether you are open to mingling or rather stay together.

We strongly recommend discussing boundaries and fears beforehand. Be specific when you talk about it: what specific actions that you or the other might do could be hard for you to experience? 

Find an agreement that you both feel good about. Be gentle with each other <3