COVID-19 Protocols

Distance and contact:

  • As always, everything happens with consent. You will never be touched when and where you don't want it. And as always we have to consciously take each other's boundaries and wishes into consideration, during the exercises but also beyond. Always ask for permission before touching someone.

  • At all times, the 1.5m distance can be kept during the workshop. We discuss in advance which participants want to strictly adhere to the 1.5m distance and we will deal with this consciously. Since cuddle workshops fall under the categories “massage” and “contact sports”, the 1.5m distance is not mandatory during the workshop. We respect each other’s boundaries and take each other into account.

  • For the partner exercises you have the option to work with the same partner if desired.

  • Group exercises continue with a fixed group of maximum 4 participants (with your fixed partner if you have one). There is also the option to stay with your regular partner and not enter into a group, then we offer an alternative exercise for 2 people.



  • We wash our hands regularly.

  • We provide ventilation. At our current location there are several windows that we open to ventilate.

  • We ask everyone to bring their own towel to put over the sheets of the mattresses.


Before the workshop:

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms from a quarantine period, you cannot attend the workshop.

  • We ask everyone to fill in a short questionnaire / contact form. Here you indicate that you are free from COVID-19 related symptoms. You also agree to contact us if you are tested positive for COVID-19 within 7 days after the workshop.

What we ask from the participants to bring themselves:

  • Your own towel (to put over the sheets of the mattresses; for your own protection).

  • Your own water bottle

  • Possibly your own snacks (with own cutlery if necessary) to eat during and after the workshop (a workshop can be intensive);)

  • All attributes that give you a safer feeling (mouth mask, own hand gel, gloves). Hand gel will be provided.


Cancellation Policy:

The same cancellation policy also applies if you cannot attend due to COVID-19 related complaints. You can find our cancellation policy on our website: